Testimonials from hunt's past!
Hi Larry,

Hope all is well. Just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail to thank you for this past Saturdays hunt. The effort you put forth is greatly appreciated. Your fields are great with fantastic cover and a lot of challenge for the hunter and dog. The fact that you worked with us taking into consideration the difference in hunter experience as this was only the second upland hunt for my wife. You also had the consideration to ask about the way my dog hunts and worked the birds accordingly. My Chesapeake Lizzie was still tired two days later she had a great work out. Thanks for all you do and I promise to recommend your place to others and to return soon. Sincerely, Chris James PHOTO


Once again, a great hunt day in Pennsylvania! The guys had a fantastic time and everyone got a lot of good shooting in. The birds were as wily as ever and made us work the field to get them up in the air. Rob and his dogs are an absolute joy to work with and they seem to enjoy the hunt as much as we do. Of course, your hospitality in hosting us on the farm made everyone comfortable with the hunt and added to everyone getting the best out of the day. I've attached a few pictures from yesterday of some field scenes and the assembled crew. I didn't realize it at the time, but my first picture caught a hen crossing the open area in one of the breaks! Once again, thanks for a great day!

Regards, Mark Rinehart PIC 1  PIC 2  PIC3 PIC4


First please forgive us for not writing sooner . We were just talking about what a great time we had and I remembered I never did thank you. This was the first time looking into a hunt like this. We were used to the public land pheasant season. You were awesome from the beginning to the end. You helped us get the perfect hunt. This was something I wanted to be special for my sons 18th birthday and you helped exceed all expectation. The birds were fun, watching the dog work the field was also pretty cool and you cant beat the landscape.

Thank you again for all you did to make this a great day for the entire group of us! Dave Stone

Dear Larry,

Matt (12), Nick (13) and Charlie (15) recently shot 24 out of 24 chukar and pheasants on their Christmas gift hunt on 12/27/12.

Thanks to Larry, Wally, and the dog - Grace, for an outstanding hunt. This is our second year at Wild-Wings , and we will definitely be back in 2013. We wouldn't even consider another bird hunting facility. Our boys have made some memories at Wild-Wings that will last a lifetime.

Thanks again! Chuck and George (Photo)

Dear Larry,

I want to thank you for a fabulous 2011-2012 Upland Game Bird Season. Our several trips to your Wild Wings Shooting Preserve made this a most memorable year of firsts: First time hunting with you, first pheasant hunt with my son from Montana, Jonathan, first bird hunts for the pup, Zena, first time the 3 brothers hunted birds together/alone, first time on chukars, first firings w/ my “new” L.C. Smith side by side (including 2 knock downs by you!).You are to be congratulated on a farm and fields that are first class, birds that are big, powerful and VERY long-tailed and an unhurried hospitality and guidance in proper dog handling.We will be back in 2012-2013, so save us some birds! Most appreciatively and respectfully, Chip Carpenter, Zoe & Zena, Jonathan Carpenter, Ike Carpenter, Rich Carpenter. PIC

Hi Larry: I am very late in sending along my - our - gratitude for the wonderful hunts you have hosted for us. The last visit, where you introduced us to chukkars, was especially memorable. Your 4 decades of experience with game birds and game dogs, was an added bonus as you helped me maximize the natural instincts of Zoe, my flushing Labrador Retriever. Here are some photos from our last 2 hunts,feel free to put them on your site so others may learn what a gem of a hunting experience you provide. Chip Carpenter Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
Larry, Dean and of course Jed: I just wanted to send a quick note and picture regarding our hunt on Saturday. We have been to other farms but have never had as much fun as we had on Saturday. Not only is the property and surrounding area breath-taking but the experience was incredible. We had so much fun laughing, shooting and 'missing'. Dean and Jed were the greatest, I am not sure who worked harder. Dean with jumping and diving into the brush right along with Jed to flush out the birds. And even when we missed, which unfortunately was more often then we would like to admit, we pursued the birds and re-flushed them until we finally made a good shot. That elusive 'white' pheasant will haunt us for years to come. I believe it was a total of 7 shots over multiple flushes, still it lives another day. Thank you again for an amazing experience. I can guarantee that we will be back for more. Thanks again, Justin, Rick and Ken Photo
Larry, Just a note to reiterate My great pleasure hunting at your farm , I never thought I would enjoy Myself that much again it has been a long time since the glory days of pheasant hunting in Pa ,and like many others I had never tried hunting a facility like yours ,your professionalism, Dean and Candy were exceptional our experience was wonderful! WE WILL BE BACK SOON! Thanks! Jeff Morton
"Larry, today was one of the best days of my life, and thanks for providing expert guidance and being so great with the kids. They had a wonderful experience, and I thank you for hosting and providing us with the optimal first hunting experience. Any hunting dad would smile at this picture, and will see this is a great place for a kids first experience. I had the experience of a lifetime today, one both me and my kids will remember for the rest of our lives. Thanks again! Randy Fritz" Photo
"Larry, Just a quick note to say thanks for the hunt on Sunday. My Dad really enjoyed it. We got 6 out of 7 and it wasn't the Duke's fault. The first one I flushed for my Dad he didn't even shoot at. He was startled a bit that it was right there and kind of flew toward him. The second miss was when another flew toward him and he took a quick shot. They are hard to make. He was going to take a second as it went past but I stopped him as a truck went up the road and turned around to watch . The bird flew between my Dad and the truck. He didn't miss again. Funny thing is before we left he stated that hunting like this was a bit like cheating. that thought left when he realized you have to actually shoot and it's not that easy. Plus he's used to hunting over flushing dogs. A very different way to hunt. Duke did great except he decided not to make full retrieves but that will happen. Thanks again. Here are a few pics of the day. See if you can see the bird in one. - Eric"  Duke Pointing a Chukar Duke on Point
"Dear Larry, Thank you and Dean again for a great time w/our December hunt. Totally worth the two hour drive from Jersey past countless other pheasant hunting operations. You guys provide a first rate experience and I will e-mail you the Feb - 7th pics from this past Saturday when I get them from Anthony. - Mike Orr" Photo